I think to be in a space where your mind never sits still, is both my curse and my blessing. For this shoot, it took some planning but came together so beautifully, doing styled shoots for marketing also has a strong visual purpose and can be executed stunningly if the collaboration works well. Done for the marketing ahead of the Admired in Africa’s annual conference, called BeInspired, we wanted to include elements such as antique cameras, and something striking such as the mustard colour mostly used. Look at the excellent floral umbrella! I am in love with the look…

Conceptualising isn’t always easy, so many people have limited imagination, or don’t have the ability to see the end-product in their minds eye already. I have this wonderful gift to see how my products will already look once executed, in my mind, and I love that I have that ability. So, working with other creatives, I can use this strength to great advantage and make sure that the collaboration becomes a great, successful reality.

This shoot was to be striking, beautiful and a bit moody, and I decided on the richness of mustard to add its “pop”.

I was able to get lovely dresses from Made Design Atelier and used others in more of this set; the owner Natasha Bouma makes beautiful dresses for the goal of hiring them out for shoots and workshops. This dress made for the shoot’s success I feel, and added to that the lovely makeup- and hair done by makeup artist Jeanne-Kay Kruger, of Rose Serene Studio – made for this shoot’s beautiful editorial appeal.

The end product was lovely headers, and marketing images that went out on social media, with this lovely concept of a vintage photographer, all fashionably dressed up. The owner of the Admired in Africa award system, Farhan Atchava, was able to use these for the showcasing of the Conference that was soon to follow, where Nicolassi was able to floral design and create for the photographers that were speaking, and holding their masterclasses for the attendees to learn and shoot at. Doing styled shoots are always fun, but it’s worth it to do some styled shoots for marketing, working with other brands to get some good traction for your brand, and a bigger platform. So – go out and make some industry friends….:)

Yolandi Jacobsz, The Nicolassi Brand


Model: Nicole Weatherby

Makeup artist, hair stylist: Jeanne-Kay Kruger, Rose Serene Studio

Dress: Made Design Atelier

Concept, floral design: Yolandi Jacobsz, The Nicolassi Brand