I was privileged to be part of the team Janine Vermeulen chose to go with her for floral design to the venue Beloftebos in March this year, such a beautiful time in Cape Town. Beloftebos is in an area called Stanford, and the wedding was quite a big affair. Janine is renowned floral designer from Cape Town, and her brand Foraged Beauty does breathtaking stuff, it’s a dream to scroll through her social media feeds and look at her lovely website. 

This wedding did indeed require a team, and with a handful of us working until late Friday evening, as well as finishing up just before the wedding started on Saturday, we got the beautiful job done.

Janine is a great team leader, and all of us had a job to do which suited us best. From floral plinths, to ikebana arrangements, to wall decor was to get done.

It was a great experience to learn from her, and see some of the inner workings of designing and constructing for a bride who wants something quite elaborate.

I think we must NEVER feel too old to learn, and I love flowers and its beauty, and learning some new skills with floral design, feels so natural and so true to what I love and like.

I’ve followed Janine for some years on Facebook, and ever since then, she has grown into quite a renowned Capetonian floral designer, so I was delighted by this chance. 

Our team really transformed Beloftebos into a romantic jungle with stunning color and greenery, and it wouldn’t have been the same without any one of us there.

From this wedding and what was left over, I was able to make a lovely bouquet for my styled shoot later that weekend, which I previously posted about.

Especially when it’s very hot, and flowers have been pinched and prodded, forced into containers and made to stand in place, they don’t always last to be used or given away the next day, but if anyone does stay strong, I love to try and re-use it differently, like what I did for my own passion project and styled shoot, showing off some of what I learnt from Janine.

If you love or admire something another creative does, contact them, most people in the service- and creative industry don’t mind at all, and is willing to share and help. Make an effort to learn a new skill, gain some new knowledge and then put your own spin on it, it will change your life.


Yolandi Jacobsz, The Nicolassi Brand


Floral designer: Janine Vermeulen, Foraged Beauty

Wedding planner: Celeste Potgieter, Celeste Styled Events

Venue: Beloftebos, Stanford