Every now and again I get the chance to run away to Cape Town, and when it’s lovely weather that side, I just seem to recharge in the best way. I seem to always work though and with a creative mind like mind – it never switches off. Whilst I was busy with a lovely setup being part of Janine Vermeulen’s team, of Foraged Beauty, I was able to recycle some of the flowers left over of that wonderful wedding, and arranged some styled shooting for that following Sunday.

I was able to arrange the most beautifully romantic wedding dress from designer Rose Molteno, of Molteno Creations in Cape Town, a bespoke designer who recently announced her creations will be stocked at the Love Bridal Boutique in London, UK.

This lovely dress provided just enough whimsical movement to thrill me, and I loved the small nude pieces that shone through.

A trusted makeup artist I’ve used for various shoots in Cape Town, agreed again to help with a modern and moody look. Kim Leaver does amazing work and is such a lovely person and a hard worker. That Sunday she did two shoots for me, and is always ready for a project.

I was able to obtain Rose’s nr through another lovely Capetonian photographer, and even though ready to leave soon for London Fashion Week, she was willing to lend me her stunning dress.

Of the gorgeous wedding we did at a venue called Beloftebos, I was able to salvage a good box full of left-over blooms, and made a stunning bouquet for my model, loving the colors and balance. Some beautiful anthuriums, a couple of calla lilies, some cymbidium orchids, reeds and lovely big banksia made for something wild but still pretty. We went to Philadelphia, 40 min from Cape Town for our shoot, and even though some heavy winds were blowing, my model was  champ and we pushed through.

I’m a big believer in recycling products and seeing if it can used a second or a third time, and if anything is leftover from shoots and workshops, I rework them into something else, whether it be floral tattoos, other arrangements, something DIY, something stylised…whatever I can. Styled shooting is something I actually DO…live for…:)


Model: Salome Kraamwinkel

Dress: Molteno Creations, Cape Town

Makeup: Kim Leaver

Photography: Loci Photography

Floral Bouquet and styling: The Nicolassi Brand


Yolandi Jacobsz, The Nicolassi Brand