Starting with what Nicolassi is, and what to achieve, I knew would be ever-evolving. I initially wanted just an online store that would host a few different products that I myself liked and would buy, for an additional income…never knowing that I would have this hunger to design, construct and put amazing content together. And one thing I believe in fully, is the collaboration of creatives, as it’s a tough industry and working together, just makes all of this better, and ultimately more beautiful because we bring our strengths together, for a remarkable product.

There definitely is a place and space for artificial flowers, many times you have an Expo that has to stand a week and then real flowers, won’t be able to stay and look fresh.


Floral Mystique in Brooklyn, Pretoria, has an amazing range of artificial and silk flowers, and with many things, you have no idea if it’s not real. For shooting purposes it works perfectly, and many products have wire in them which makes it a joy to manipulate, something fresh flowers doesn’t give you. With many fresh flowers the heads can pop off, or stems can snap, and although I love fresh flowers and work with fresh flowers as much as I can, I don’t want to take away from the economical- and “green” place of artificial flowers, and how it uniquely works.

This was done in my original company – Loci Photography’s studio, as a huge part of what I do, is photography, and still – makes for capturing moments. I’m happy to have that skill, both being able to construct and design, and then to photograph the end-result.

Lori of Flora Mystique really is a gem, and I’m glad I found her, I enjoy working with her tremendously, and I would really advise anyone to watch this short video of Lori and Flora Mystique, it is amazing what they have done and where they have displayed with their products – big Expo’s like Decorex for example.

I literally went to go see Lori and said I have some ideas, and I have a good skill, would she not maybe want to trust me. Later on we were able to do some shoots after I invested and did buy some of her products, some of which are in the attached gallery and header image, designed by me. Building that trust, is hugely important, show the other person you buy into their ideas and products, and if you can – support their business, show you mean it, be kind, and stay true to your word. Be respectful of their property as well, if you have their products only on loan, and if you have a picture of something you did, this will make their day, it’s all they ask. Respect….and a photo…:)

Creatives working together is a big strive of mine, I’m happy that Nicolassi can build this business both on beautiful products offered, but also on the relationships with other products, brands and creatives. Working with brands, is the aim, and better us working together than each of us just trying by themselves.

Yolandi Jacobsz, The Nicolassi Brand