The whole idea of Nicolassi’s design, is to be able to work together, and to collaborate with other creatives, where strengths and skills are combined to put together visually beautiful products. I also wanted to create in the spirit of fun, and Nicolassi’s aim is for other creatives – such as photographers, designers, florists and anyone who wants, to join in, and make the industry a much more visually beautiful place.
For some photographers, their style has a cute, bright element to it, and if you look at Heleen Lowe from Splendid Productions, she does just that with her other division called Say Cheese, a mostly natural light studio, based in Pretoria, even though some shoots are done on location as well. Her shoots are explosions of color and conceptions, and makes for a stimulated and fun look to it, all bursting with color and additions.
Heleen wanted to do something for the promotion of Valentine’s Day, and she used some of Nicolassi’s Loving Lips props for her look. She is so good in photographing children, and bringing out their earnest side, and we had tremendous fun in her studio. Nicolassi made a Lips background for her, and some of her styled shots included loose elements.
Part of what this shoot represents is exactly how I saw it happening in my mind – the skill I might have, being used by someone else for their own shoot’s betterment, and them representing it well. That’s why communication and vision is important, because if she hadn’t asked if I had something, I wouldn’t have known, and this helped for the Loving Lips to get more exposure, and to show how they can be used for something so fun, such as Valentine’s Day – which of course isn’t near the only thing the Loving Lips setup and its props can be used for. This fun red- and pink background can be used for a variety of things, such as bachelorette parties and themed events.

Yolandi Jacobsz, The Nicolassi Brand

Images: Say Cheese
Cake, cookies & donuts: LaMoraine Cake & Confections Boutique
Lips Background Setup: The Nicolassi Brand – see Loving Lips Setup