So – Nicolassi – a beautiful bespoke online store, is underway and I can’t be more excited. I have always wanted to be as creative as possible as that is my nature, and my photography has brought me this far. I’m Yolandi Jacobsz, owner of The Nicolassi Brand, and also – a very successful photography business for the past six years called Loci Photography.
The Nicolassi Brand has started for the love of wanting to create, and collaborate with other creatives. I think we all have some sort of skill to share, and it is a strive of mine to try and get people working closer together, and sharing what they know, bringing strengths together.
I have, and always will love photography. But I’ve realised it is time to expand, and the online platform that Nicolassi’s store will provide me, will be able to give to consumers and clients, lovely products’ and services to enjoy.
Some of it would be lovely stationery- and gifts for weddings- and events, and part of its services will include unique backdrops for photo booths or to use as part of the theme or aesthetic, and also – floral design and forestry.
This is a LOVELY journey, it really makes me burst out of my skin from excitement. So many amazing collaborations are coming up, and the chance to give this new baby of mine breathing space, is a wonderful venture. Already so many things have been happening behind the scenes for its look and work on the website, and oh dear – the social media bit that seems to be a beast that always needs to be fed. So thanks you sincerely to anyone always part of the Facebook group, and everyone who’s already been a part of the photo shoots that Nicolassi has produced. More fun awaits.
This is me, semi-posed – to show some of the lovely floral backdrops that will be a part of Nicolassi’s services. The easy to use beautiful bespoke online store, is where you will fine many features and services – but custom orders and requests are welcomed through communication.

Yolandi Jacobsz, The Nicolassi Brand